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Frequently Asked Questions

This is Quickteller your quickteller experience on your mobile device
  • Quickteller offers you an extensive range of services. There are over 2000 billers on Quickteller and these services include funding of Betting wallets, Cable TV, Tolls, airtime and data purchases, Airlines, Utilities e.t.c
  • You can transfer money to friends, family, and others via Quickteller.
  • Other Value-Added Services available on Quickteller includes Western Union receive money, recurring payment, transaction dashboard, eCash funding and payments
Yes. A debit or prepaid card is required, you can also make payments with your eCash. Your local cards where Interswitch is present will work on Quickteller. However, your bank must have enabled your card for online payments.
  • Yes, Quickteller has an electronic wallet service called eCash. You can fund your eCash account via Quickteller. This account is tied to your mobile number which means your mobile number is the same as your eCash account.
  • As regulation demands, the maximum amount that can be transferred to a tier 1 KYC eCash account is N50,000 per day, while you can maintain a balance of up to N250,000 per time
Yes, you can use your MasterCard and Visa cards on Quickteller.
Yes there are transaction limits. The transactions limits are set by your bank, however, global limits on Quickteller are Recharge N20,000, Transfers N500,000 and Bill payments N250,000.
Your card must be activated by your bank before it can be used for any online transaction and this includes Quickteller Mobile. You can also activate your card at any ATM.
1. Visit an ATM
2. Insert your card
3. Select Quickteller
4. Select "Pay bills"
5. Choose your account type
6. Select “Others”
7. Enter 322222 as the payment code
8. Enter your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’
9. Accept the N1.00 amount displayed
10. Follow prompts to complete the transaction


Short Code


Main Menu





Use this code to access Quickteller USSD Main Menu






This is a short code for a self-recharge transaction.



Use this code to recharge other people's phone number.






Use this code to transfer funds to a bank account.

Quickteller can be downloaded from the stores at no cost nor are there any subscription fees. However, fees are charged on transactions. The transaction or service charge is dependent on the transaction type. Airtime and data recharge costs N0, bill payments cost N100, money transfer costs N52.50. There is no cost attached to OTP generation
When you save your card on Quickteller mobile, it makes completing transactions faster as you will be providing fewer details, thus providing more convenience
It depends on if you have been activated for SafeToken. If you activated at the ATM the transaction limit for recharge is 2,000, bill payment is N 250,000 and transfers is N500,000 per day. NOTE THOUGH: That your bank may set more stringent or different limits.
The minimum value of recharge that can be done is N50
The minimum value of bill payment that can be done using an activated card is N100
Kindly contact your bank to complain about the issue. You can also send an email to our Support team via or call 0700-906-5000
Kindly contact your bank to complain about the issue. You can also send an email to our Support team via or call 0700-906-5000